Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What is Sustainability

There are many thoughts on what sustainability is to a business. I believe it's in line with the "triple bottom line" theory.

  1. People. Making sure your team is taken care of from an ergonomic perspective, but also listening to them, addressing their concerns, and involving them. Create an organization that is transparent and doesn't have politics and "water cooler chat". And if someone isn't working for the organization as a whole ... address the issue.
  2. Planet. recycle, buy recycled paper, switch to wind power if you can, use windows and natural light rather than the energy of electric lighting. Whatever you do, make sure you are working to leave your environment as clean as possible to ensure your work is available in the future.
  3. Profit. You actually can make money by being sustainable. You also protect our future by acting responsibly for your people and your planet. It can also be used for a competitive advantage if you are a first mover in the space.

Having had experience in an organization that really addresses those needs ... it makes for a much more fulfilling experience.

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